Healthy Wednesdays

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La Bonita Healthy Wednesdays

Wednesdays at La Bonita supermarkets are Healthy Wednesdays. This means that all the foods that are healthy and good for your body go on sale.

Healthy Wednesdays were created by La Bonita with one specific goal in mind, to make healthy food accessible to our customers and in this same process it can be seen that eating healthy does not mean compromising flavor! We know that sometimes choosing healthy foods can be difficult not only for your wallet but for your kitchen as well.

For your wallet because we know that choosing healthy foods can be more expensive than other foods. And for your kitchen because we know it can be difficult to cook with foods that are new to us and are not a part of our kitchens and
pantry. But La Bonita’s Healthy Wednesdays help with offering healthy foods at a low price and also offering a variety of healthy foods for your selection.

Wednesdays at La Bonita is a day where fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish and an array of other healthy foods are all on sale. You can change your life and the lives of your families too every Wednesday with better foods at low prices. We look forward to seeing you at La Bonita!